How to Win the Coronavirus War: A Conversation with Captain Jeff Morris

It is being called a “war like no other,” and America is looking for leaders to pilot us through this crisis we are all facing as a nation, and as a world community. As always, ExecuNet remains committed to connecting you with leaders who can guide you through the challenges you are facing and help you move forward. To help you with your challenges, ExecuNet’s Tony Vlahos spoke with Captain Jeff Morris. In addition to being a decorated veteran who joined the military after 9/11, Captain Morris is a former senior executive with a Fortune 6 company and author of Legion Rising: Surviving Combat and the Scars it Left Behind

According to Captain Morris, the measures we are taking in this fight against the virus reminds him of a wartime effort, and the core principles needed from the leaders are the same as what’s needed during a war. Captain Morris has a compelling and touchingly connectable way of sharing his story and his views of leadership.

Here’s a look at the breakdown of their conversation:

  • (01:22) Relating coronavirus to a war
  • (02:33) The “All In” leader
  • (04:40) Being unconventional
  • (06:32) Tactical patience
  • (07:55) Career development
  • (10:28) How the book has impacted other people




William Flamme

William Flamme

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