Why Don’t Big Companies Innovate More?

innovation-thermometerInnovation is hard. As an organization, it’s easy to proclaim, “we want to be more innovative,” but it’s very hard to put into practice. There are three majors reasons for this. First, most organizations are focused on short-term results – quarterly earnings, monthly sales numbers, weekly or daily profit or loyalty metrics. Innovation often takes a long time to incubate and nurture. It doesn’t operate on a measurable timeframe like well-defined products and markets.

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Lisa Solomon

Lisa Solomon

Lisa Kay Solomon is the founder of Innovation Studio and teaches innovation at the groundbreaking MBA in Design Strategy program at San Francisco's California College of the Arts. She is coauthor of Moments of Impact: How to Design Strategic Conversations that Accelerate Change (Simon & Schuster, 2014), a book that offers a simple creative process to help leaders and teams tackle their most challenging issues. Learn more about Lisa and her work at http://lisakaysolomon.com/

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