The Business of Belief: A Master Class by Tom Asacker

Thursday, November 16, 2017
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET
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Tom AsackerTwo realities have redefined the nature of influence in today's modern marketplace. First, our choices have increased exponentially (trite but true, think cable TV). Every new product, service, cause and idea must now work overtime to capture people's attention. The second, a fact lost on many, is that people have become very distrusting and easily distracted, making attention increasingly scarce and fleeting. It takes a lot of money, talent and energy to sustain people's attention.

These conditions point to why today's most forward looking people and organizations are moving beyond attention. They're acutely aware that it's not enough to simply have people know about them and their agendas. They need people to choose them, support them, work with them, and recommend them. In other words, they need people to believe.

This entertaining and thought provoking Master Class on belief will describe the three self-enhancing value components that brands are struggling to implement in order to engage today's skeptical and discerning customers and clients, and create one-of-a-kind experiences. And you'll be given insightful and actionable answers to help navigate today's new realities and create unwavering belief in your brand. You'll experience a deep-dive immersive experience that will engage your brain and light a fire in you and your team. You'll learn:

  • The major trends that are changing the rules of the marketplace game
  • How the brain makes choices in an overstimulated environment
  • A new framework for creating engagement in this new, customer-controlled, excess economy
  • How to become a more strategic thinker about brand development, experience design, and value creation
  • How to take belief to a whole new level!

    • Tom's passion and vision will inspire business leaders and entrepreneurs of all stripes, shake the sleep out of any organization, and renew a focus on creating the kind of value that customers are happy to choose, talk about, and make an integral part of their busy lives.

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      Host: Tom Asacker
      Date: Thursday, November 16, 2017
      Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET
      Place: Your PC at Home or Work

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      About the Presenter:

      Tom Asacker (pron. ACE-ACKER) represents a new and dynamic voice in the world of business. His inspiring combination of down-to-earth philosophy and intellectual reasoning has given him supporters all over the world. For the past ten years, he has been advising leaders that the traditional engines of growth have run out of steam. He views today's world of complexity and change as a large-scale manifestation of many emergent events and behaviors that require a new, coherent viewpoint to guide one's actions.

      He has been teaching and inspiring organizations and entrepreneurs for over 20 years with his unique educational offerings and his one-of-a-kind keynote presentations. World-class companies including Procter & Gamble, UPS, and G.E. have called on Tom to shake up their people, fill them with ideas and charge them with inspiration.

      Often described as a catalyst for change and strategist for success, and acclaimed for his no-nonsense style, Tom is the author of The Business of Belief, Opportunity Screams, A Little Less Conversation and A Clear Eye for Branding, groundbreaking books that redefine business and communication for the new age of abundance. His first book, Sandbox Wisdom, a heartwarming story about a CEO's search for meaning and success in the world of business and work, was a international business bestseller.

      A sought-after speaker, Tom has lectured on innovation, strategic communication, the customer experience, and marketplace trends to corporate, association, and university audiences around the world. As an independent business consultant, he's advised start-up ventures, NPOs, and Fortune 500 companies on innovation, emerging trends and strategic brand development and communication.

      Asacker brings a breadth of business development, marketing, management and operational expertise from prior management posts at G.E., as well as from his entrepreneurial experience as owner of an electronics manufacturer and co-founder and President of a high-tech medical device company.

      He is a recipient of the George Land Innovator of the Year Award; he holds medical patents and product design awards; and he is recognized by Inc. Magazine, MIT, and the Young Entrepreneurs' Organization as a past member of their "Birthing of Giants" entrepreneurial executive leadership program.

      Tom holds degrees in Economics and Business Management, and lives in the great Northeast.


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