Want to Be a Superstar at Work in 2019? Learn This New Habit Now

The coveted title of a super star. Who doesn’t want to be considered high potential and on the receiving end of lots of attention because of your incredible contribution? There are few people that don’t strive to be of high value to their team, manager or organization. But super star status is pretty rare. In fact, in most HR circles, the topic of finding great talent remains to be a constant challenge.

genius-brainI would love to change this fact because I whole-heartedly believe that everyone is a superstar. The reason many aren’t showing up as such has to do with their lack of knowledge about how to build self-awareness, confidence and the work habits that actually make you more accomplished and joyful at work.

In my 10 years of being a performance strategist, working with hundreds of high-level executives, and regularly studying the science of performance, I have developed a simple habit that if practiced will create game-changing results.

The habit? It’s tracking. Have you ever had a wearable that tracks your steps and activity levels? If yes, then you know what I mean with tracking. When you track your own performance, and measure it on the things that really matter, you are in essence building self-awareness and measuring your ability to be disciplined with work in the best way possible.

I call this habit, The Genius Habit. Here’s how it works:

You measure your work performance once a week. You do this with a tool called The Performance Tracker. The tracker asks you questions that are organized into five core principles. These principles are a distillation of the science of performance so that you know that your measuring yourself on the things that really matter at work. The performance principles are Challenge, Impact, Joy, Mindfulness and Perseverance.

Each principle contains three to four questions. When you answer these questions, all of a sudden the reason for any “off” feelings you may have about work is revealed. I created the tracker because I saw that most of the answers to real work questions were within my clients, they just couldn’t access them.

By filling out the tracker every week and tracking how you’re performing on each principle, you begin to build your success muscles. You’ll see that failures are to be celebrated. That confidence is available to everyone, but it requires internal work. That getting enough sleep and exercise are important to being at your best, and best of all, you will discover your Zone of Genius.

Being a super star requires regular attention and course correcting your job and career in order to maximize your potential. You can’t do any of that without knowing the root cause of your work issues and consistently building self-awareness. The Genius Habit is available on February 5th for purchase or you can pre-order it now. Read the book and then download the Performance Tracker, and I guarantee you will gain more control and excitement about your work performance and over-all career in 2019.

Laura Garnett

Laura Garnett

Laura Garnett is a performance strategist, TEDx speaker, and the creator of the Genius Habit. Her book, The Genius Habit: How One Habit Can Radically Change Your Work and Your Life (Sourcebooks, February 2019) shows the path to finding long-lasting professional happiness.

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