Truly Human Leadership

group-of-people-BOB CHAPMANBob Chapman imagines a world in which people leave work each day fulfilled by their work. He imagines a world full of caring work environments in which people can realize their gifts, apply and develop their talents, and feel a genuine sense of fulfillment for their contributions. And in this world, because their work is fulfilling, people go home happy and are better spouses, parents, neighbors and friends.

In this Master Class presentation, Chapman challenges traditional thinking about how to run a business and how to be an effective leader. He offers simple yet groundbreaking ideas on how to create meaningful work environments grounded in people-centric leadership.

Watch the recording of this remarkable Master Class and leave inspired and equipped to implement Chapman’s concept today to help build better organizations for tomorrow.

Here’s what some members had to say after attending the live event:

“Bob Chapman is an excellent and eloquent presenter… Also, I’m glad that the Webinars are renamed and rebranded “Master Classes” because they truly are and it makes another excellent selling point for having ExecuNet as a partner in your career life. Thank you!”

“Your programs, when compared to those from other organizations, continually exceed my expectations. Thank you!”


Bob Chapman

Bob Chapman

Bob Chapman intends to change the world. Chapman is Chairman and CEO of Barry-Wehmiller Companies, a capital equipment and engineering consulting firm with more than 8,000 team members worldwide. After seeing the positive impact of Barry-Wehmiller’s people-centric culture on the lives of his employees, Chapman felt compelled to raise awareness about business enterprise’s opportunity to become the most powerful positive influence on our society.

“As business leaders it is our responsibility to create caring work environments in which people can realize their gifts, develop their talents, and feel a genuine sense of fulfillment for their contributions in pursuit of a shared vision,” Chapman explains. He says the ripple effect of that environment is that “team members feel better about themselves and are therefore better spouses, parents, friends, citizens of their communities. That’s how we can change the world.”

Chapman shares his message about the power of people-centric leadership—called Truly Human Leadership at Barry-Wehmiller—through speaking engagements, his blog, and with anyone he meets. “Barry-Wehmiller is proof that you can pay people fairly, treat them superbly, and compete globally,” says Chapman. “It is our hope that by sharing our message, other companies will take note and follow suit.”

Chapman’s list of speaking engagements includes Conscious Capitalism 2015, AME International Conference, Institute for Healthcare Consumerism Forum, Transformational Leadership Council, TEDxScottAFB, Shingo Prize for Manufacturing Excellence International Conference, Army Center for Officer Leadership (Ft. Leavenworth, KS), Mid-America Corporate Growth Conference, HERO Forum for Employee Health Management, Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership’s International Conference, and St. Louis Business Journal’s Salute to the Top 150 Privately Held Companies in St. Louis.

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William Flamme

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