True or False? Measuring Performance Leads to Better Service

service-compassIf you said “Yes” – you are either amazingly astute or you had a chance to look at the recently released Q1 Zendesk Benchmark report. In either case – Congratulations!

Zendesk, the maker of customer service software that streamlines customer support and fosters self-service and engagement, studied the use of analytics and their impact on customer satisfaction across 16,000+ companies in 125 countries. As stated in the report, “Analytics reporting is necessary for any company to not only gauge the success of its efforts, but objectively understand what areas need improvement. For customer service these metrics typically include customer satisfaction, as well as factors that contribute to customer satisfaction, such as first reply time, full resolution time, and percentage of one-touch resolution.”

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Joseph Michelli

Joseph Michelli

Joseph Michelli, Ph.D., is an American psychologist, speaker, author, and organizational consultant.

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