The Trend in Executive Hiring That You’re Not Paying Enough Attention To

trends-technologyCompanies are more aware of transferrable skills and are recognizing the value of soft transferrable skills like verbal and written communication, problem solving, etc., like they never have before.

So many companies over emphasize hard skills when they hire. You know what I’m talking about, that list of credentials you had to have when you were imagining who you’d hire. We’ve all fallen into that trap to some degree. But as nice as those credentials are, it’s the soft skills that get people promoted.

Hard skills may get you in the door, but it’s the soft skills that get you hired and promoted. They are also the key to changing industries.

As long as you know how to market them.

Have you considered what transferrable, soft skills you have? Have you worked to develop soft skills? Developing soft skills is key to your own career advancement, as well as those who work for you.

According to internationally renowned recruiter trainer Barb Bruno, “Executive are changing, careers, professions, and industries.” She went on to say companies are losing talent to completely different industries like never before and it’s because there is a run on soft skills. Executives are increasingly aware of the importance of doing work that they enjoy and find meaningful, and they are learning to weave their soft skills into their Value Story of who they are and what they will bring to an employer.

Listen to Barb talk about these concepts, and if you’d like some help identifying your soft skills and weaving them into a Value Story that runs throughout your job search strategy, reach out to our Career Services Group to be connected with one of our strategists.

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William Flamme

William Flamme

William Flamme is ExecuNet's Associate Director of Content Marketing, where he develops engaging job search, career path, and leadership insight to build ExecuNet's brand recognition as the leader in senior-level executive job search and all matters career.

He delivers executive-level content across the various properties under the ExecuNet brand, amplifying the power of ExecuNet's expert voices and shaping the content strategy.

Prior to joining ExecuNet in 2008, Will earned a master's degree in education and taught fifth grade and sixth grade. As a teacher, he deepened his appreciation for the written word and mastered skills necessary for managing writers who sometimes view deadlines as homework. It is his training as an educator which allows Will to take complex ideas and make them simple for busy executives to understand and to execute.

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