What Top CEOs and Investors Are Asking in 2017

investorsIn this Master Class session, Dan Skelly, Executive Director of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, offered answers to the questions “top investors” are asking him. Dan is one of the top investment and wealth management strategists in the country and provided invaluable insights in the current financial picture in this session of ExecuNet Master Class.

Questions answered in the class:

  • Where are we in the economic cycle?  Is there a downturn on the horizon?
  • Isn’t the stock market overvalued? What are the signals and what’s expected in terms of a correction: when, and by how much?
  • Are international stocks favored over US stocks?
  •  Why is the Fed raising rates if inflation has slowed, and what’s the prognosis?
  • Index funds and passive investing has done well for years – will it continue?
  • What should investors and businesses expect in terms of the Trump Tax policy?
  • What are the biggest risks today and what should we watch for?

Attendees of the live event learned a lot! Here’s what some had to say:

  • “I thought Dan gave an informative overview of both domestic and international markets as well as realistic outlooks on the relative economies. Also thought he was very knowledgeable on the personal finance side and re-affirmed several of my principles and I learned a few new ones.”
  • “There were some new perspectives on how to evaluate past and current economic performance that could aid in better evaluating where we are headed in the future.”
  • “The topics covered are ones that many don’t receive a lot of information on. If even one more thing is learned, that is a step in the correct direction on such a complex topic.”
  • “The session was informative, well managed and efficient use of time.”


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daniel-skelly-medDan Skelly is Executive Director and Head of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management’s Equity Model Portfolio Team. His team earned the top spot on Barron’s-Zacks Rankings of Best Stock Picks, and his advice has always proved to be thoughtful and timely.

The US Equity Model Portfolio combines growth and value-style investing, and Dan attributes some of his success to his grandmother’s interest in investing when he was growing up.  It was a family affair.

William Flamme

William Flamme

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  • Eunice (Gene) Lambert
    August 5, 2017 (6:04 pm)

    There is a saying, “People will not remember what you said rather how you made them feel” I believe it. Generally, it isn’t as important what “you” know as is showing others the value of their expressed knowledge. No one feels good about going to work when they feel undervalued.