The New Rules of Selling, an Infographic

New-Rules-of-Selling-INFOGRAPHIC-David Meerman ScottAt my presentation at HubSpot’s Inbound conference last September, I delivered a talk titled The New Rules of Selling.

Fortunately, HubSpot had Kelly Kingman sit in on the presentation to create a wonderful graphic recording of my talk.

@KellyKingman draws freehand, typically on a large paper or a flipchart and the resulting visual helps to increase understanding, engagement, and retention among audience members. This kind of graphic makes it easy to grasp complex information.

Kelly has created a graphic recording of several other of my talks and I’m always amazed at how she can listen to what I’m saying synthesize it instantly and capture the main ideas in a visual way.

Distilling a one-hour presentation down to one page

Like a simultaneous interpreter, Kelly needs to do several things at once – listen to what I’m saying at that moment while remembering and drawing what I said previously.

I’ve worked with Kelly at several other events, and I always like to capture her work so I can learn how my ideas come across. It’s a learning experience for me too as I see what parts of my talk made it into the graphic.

Here is a version of the slides I used at this talk The New Rules of Selling [SlideShare].

Here’s a link to a high resolution version of Kelly’s graphic recording of The New Rules of Selling.

David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott is an acclaimed Marketing & Sales Strategist and bestselling author. His latest book is The New Rules of Sales & Service. Learn about David and his work at

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