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How to Prepare Your Business for the Post-Pandemic World

My wife and I are heading out tonight to celebrate our 15-year-anniversary. Time flies. It’s been a great 15 years, and the last nine years with our children have been incredible. I’m looking forward to getting away, even just for the night, and ...
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Popular Remote Work Tips vs. Reality: What Our Team Discovered in 6 Months of Remote Work

Remote work –the dream for many an employee and the nightmare for many a manager in pre-COVID times. But then came the pandemic and changed everyone’s mind. Over the past six months, our own team at MightyCall, a SaaS telecommunications company, has ...
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Zesting Up Your Zoom

By now, chances are you’ve had at least one of those Zoom calls: the one where your colleague tried to use a virtual background, only to have his face muddled in green each time he fidgeted and messed up the green screen. Or the call where your colleague...
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