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The Dichotomy of Inertia

When it rains, it pours; most are familiar with this phrase. It is what we use to describe the inertia of negative circumstances building and snowballing. Can you think of the equivalent phrase used to describe the opposite? The experience of positive ...
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Don’t Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste

Maybe you have heard the phrase before. It may have been Winston Churchill who said it but the money makers on Wall St. and the law makers in DC may be using it most. What they may be saying is when something bad happens, something good can come from it. For ...
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Do Just a Little Bit More

If anybody could become an expert... would there be any rewards for being an expert? Not likely. So many people are so close to their goals but miss out because they give up and lose momentum – lose the gains of all their hard work. "You've gotta put ...
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