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Tim Sanders on Innovation and Collaboration

Innovation is one's ability to get a concept to market. While innovation is an emphasis in product development and marketing, it’s equally important to drive it throughout your company. Research finds that world-class companies share a single attribute: The ...
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How Marissa Mayer Could Turn Around Yahoo!

If I were Marissa Mayer, I'd say/write the following to anyone who is in any way curious about Yahoo! and its future. It demonstrates what I refer to as "assertive humility."   Hello Yahoo! supporters, past, present and hopefully future, Yahoo!, ...
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Answers: Over 50, Sales Challenges, Effective Time Management & Teams

Last month, we were happy to kick off the new year with Don Weintraub's hit master class, Must-Haves to Win Today's Job Search Competition. It had huge attendance for the live event, and members are watching the recording every day since we made it availab...
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