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Why Most CEOs Aren’t Ready for the Future of Work

There is a reason why the most successful and innovative companies keep their secrets close. The amount of ground-breaking research is growing but CEOs have limited time to immerse themselves in the learning. They have companies to run. So, when it comes to ...
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Come on Get Happy: The Secret to a Better Career and Life

It's possible to be happy even after being fired, getting overlooked for a promotion, or experiencing a major setback at work or a loss in your life. You don't control the circumstances or events in your life, but you do control how you feel about them. ...
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5 Powerful Choices You Must Make Now for a Strong Future

How to Work Unleashed, Lead Boldly, and Live Life Your Way Sign me up! I'm sure I'll have lots of company! And I did. Known as Mr. Simplicity, Bill Jensen is very popular with the ExecuNet community and his sessions of ExecuNet Master Class are ...
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