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Even Tom Brady Thinks About What Comes Next

Thank you! I enjoyed hearing from many of you who wrote in: some to tell me how the story made them think about their Next Great Next; some to set up a phone call to talk; and some to tell me how Brady was going to trounce Stafford. Keep those emails coming! ...
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Forget Tom Brady! Stafford Has Already Won!

Opportunity. In the Career industry it’s as big a word as “location” is in the Real Estate industry. For Matt Stafford, opportunity didn’t just come knocking, it came pounding on his door last March when the LA Rams, fresh off a playoff run that ...
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The Super Bowl is Sunday. Here’s the Over/Under You Can Bet On

Even if you're not planning to watch the big game (or the ads!), you probably know that the Over/Under tells you who the Las Vegas bookies are favoring. Right now it's three points, which means Sunday should be a nail-biter. But I want to ask you an ...
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