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TEDx: Leveraging the Gig Economy

One of ExecuNet's own gave a TEDx talk recently. Career Coach Pat Romboletti offers useful tips on how to stay agile, flexible and adaptable in a constantly changing business landscape. "Like it or not, every role is a gig, and you are all part of the Gig ...
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How to Speak up for Yourself

A few simple techniques can help you get what you need, both at the office and in your personal life. Speaking up can be one of the most challenging parts of both our personal and professional lives — push too hard, and you risk alienating others; ...
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Social Media: A Networking Deterrent

Social media has created a real problem. It’s preventing us from making more and better personal connections. And nobody gets hired, booked or referred without a personal connection. This was the gist of my TEDx talk delivered to an audience of social ...
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