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Keys for a Successful Consulting Business

Being a consultant can be a highly rewarding path, both financially and for a sense of fulfillment and achievement. What's vital for a successful consulting business? Gerard Mott and Tammy Kohl of The Trusted Advisors shared their thoughts around what ...
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The First Year as a New Business Owner

Getting new clients, enough to replace my former income is the biggest concern of every new business owner. These are people who have been executives and have transitioned to consulting. Getting that new business up and running fast enough is a big challenge ...
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The 7 Key Steps to Starting Your Own Consulting Business

One of the major myths circulated in the executive business community for decades is that working the corporate job route is the best or only way to get to the top. If you have ever had thoughts like: "I do all of the key work, and the company sees all of ...
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