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Retaining Top Talent in 2021

Today's competitive job market means that retaining talent has never been so difficult. Indeed, recent research from Alexander Mann Solutions reveals that 38% of businesses have put talent acquisition on hold due to the pandemic while 17% are in the process ...
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How to Manage a Team That is Half Remote, Half On-Site

Starting in January, Leila's company will bring some employees back into the physical office. When the team of eight direct reports transitions from fully remote to half remote, half on-site, she worries that their sense of unity will break down. According ...
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How to Successfully Manage a 100% Remote Workforce

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a surge in remote work. According to the leading analytics and advisory company Gallup, remote workdays in 2020 have more than doubled since last year in the US. And, one in every four American workers is now working ...
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