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If She Can Sneak Into a Plane, How Challenging Would Your Company Be?

Scary stuff last week. This lady managed to sneak onto a Delta flight from Orlando to Atlanta. She plops down in a seat and, when confronted by the passenger who actually had a ticket for that seat, wouldn't budge. My favorite part: When the flight ...
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Rediscover the Lost Art of Seduction

When it comes to recruiting the best candidates in this record-low unemployment rate, nothing less than seduction will do. When we get back up to 10% unemployment rate, you can return to your job board "post and pray" strategy. But until then, remember ...
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“I Have a Problem”

It's Monday. One of your employees identifies a lurking problem and brings it to your attention. Good. But did they also bring you their recommended solution? Far too often, the answer has been “No” for me, during my six stints as CEO and COO. ...
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