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Thriving Through the Ongoing Pandemic

As the pandemic moves into year two, would you say that overall you are thriving, barely surviving, or hanging in there, treading water, but feeling worn down or worn out some days? Is thriving even possible in the midst of this period of adversity, when life ...
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Should You Be Worried About the New COVID Strains?

The news headlines about mutated COVID strains originating in the UK, South Africa, and elsewhere have spread anxiety about the implications for organizations and individuals alike. Recently identified in the US, it likely arrived here by mid-November, with ...
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Are You Paying Attention to What Matters in This Pandemic?

What are you paying attention to during this pandemic? What you're focusing on can make a big difference to your business, your career, and your health. Many people are very excited by the prospect of effective vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. This ...
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