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How to Make Sure Your Startup Can Thrive With Change

The best companies are the ones that see opportunity in adversity and are always willing to change. Startup and change By definition, nobody does anything about the elephant in the room, just standing there. Also by definition, black swans--those "rare ...
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How to Make Better Decisions in Face of Obvious Risks

Have you noticed how many of the corporate scandals and crises in the headlines these days erupt after a series of obvious warning signals that companies should have heeded? This kind of highly probable crisis is the "gray rhino" of Michele Wucker's ...
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Build the Perfect Pitch and Gray Rhino Proof Your Business

Two questions to consider:  Perfect Pitch Gray Rhino Proof Your Business Selling. That's an uncomfortable word for many people, but we are all salespeople whether we like it or not. Hasn't it become clear that you have to sell yourself to get pretty much ...
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