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Predictions By Cybersecurity Leaders

Operational space of digital (r)evolution requires an instantaneous reaction. Seeking knowledge has brought me far beyond my personal horizons of discernment. With hope to create and scale globally an inclusive "authors-publisher-readers" circle of wisdom ...
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Raise the Cybersecurity Curtain

With a clear grasp of systems theory and revelation of pervasive, persistent, and resilient interconnectedness, I set out on the journey to interact with 100 "best of the best" Cybersecurity/Information Security professionals to learn about their own EXPERI...
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The Hyperconvergence Pendulum

Ten Key High Level Strategic Decisions on Hyperconvergence Why Strategy, not Technology, drives Digital Transformation. αἴκα, aika; "If." Plutarch reports that Phillip II of Macedon sent word to the Spartans, saying that "if I should invade La...
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