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7 Ways to Recover After a Reputation Crisis

Several times a week, I receive an urgent email along these lines: “I think I need to hire you. Google my name and you’ll see why.” These individuals' financial and legal representatives are struggling to help them repair damage to their good name ...
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Career Reinvention in a Pandemic: Six Practices Before Deciding to Take the Next Step

Quiet always follows the storm. As the pandemic shows signs of abating in some parts of the world, there's an opportunity if not a deep call to take a breath, take stock and integrate the lessons learned collectively and individually. Navigating a ...
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Growing Your Career Requires Controlling the Narrative

You've likely heard the media emphasize the importance of "controlling the narrative," when advising business professionals, celebrities, politicians and influencers. But what does that really mean? To control the narrative or "manage the optics" means you, ...
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