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How to Get the Best Mental Health Support

Elaine was burned out. After working nonstop and homeschooling her kids for a year, she was having a hard time finding the motivation to get out of bed in the morning. She knew that both her work and her parenting would start to suffer if something didn’t ...
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Thriving Through the Ongoing Pandemic

As the pandemic moves into year two, would you say that overall you are thriving, barely surviving, or hanging in there, treading water, but feeling worn down or worn out some days? Is thriving even possible in the midst of this period of adversity, when life ...
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4 Ways to Check on Your Co-workers’ Mental Health

Everyone is going through something right now. It’s important to ask your colleagues how they’re really doing. Chris noticed that his colleague Sasha, a single mother, had missed several recent video calls. He wanted to support her, but wasn’t sure ...
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