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The Day I Learned What Leadership Looks Like

It was the early '90s, before cell phone use had fully taken off. I was working on a project for PepsiCo — 10X, for ten times improvement in ten core processes. The work was based out of Boston, but both my client, Gavin, and I lived north and south of ...
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Why HR is Losing Culture

Peter Drucker's wisdom is still profoundly important: "Culture eats strategy for breakfast." But what drives culture? Who owns it? Culture is made up of shared vision, values and beliefs, norms, language, stories and narratives, and the people, places, ...
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What CEOs Really Want from HR Leaders

Your CEO doesn’t want you to be a human resources leader—they want you to be a business leader with human resources expertise. While that may just seem like a clever turn of phrase, there’s a growing body of research that supports this concept and ...
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