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Meeting People Through People

"How does one connect with people who can introduce you to the VIP you need to connect with?" That's a question from a participant in a session of ExecuNet Master Class led by Geoffrey James titled How to Get a Meeting With C-Suite Executives, Business ...
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The 12 Insights Every Boss Needs

These statements of self-awareness describe how the very best managers think and believe. My favorite business authors are Guy Kawasaki and Bob Sutton, so I was really excited when I saw Bob Sutton quoted in Guy Kawasaki's newly published The Art of ...
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5 Ways to Appear More Like an Expert – Rather Than a Narcissist – in the Digital Age

Whether you’re selling vacuum cleaners or you’re offering consulting services, consumers want to buy from someone with proven expertise. The good news is, today’s digital world allows you to declare that you’re an expert with relative ease. The bad ...
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