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Putting an End to No-Shows/Ghosting

Things have changed, and the way you view and interact with candidates needs to change too. Candidates feel that recruiters only care about filling jobs, not about what job is right for them. If you want to be effective as a recruiter you need to ...
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Search Firms, Ghosting Means You Probably Have a Branding Problem

For many years, job seekers complained about recruiters never responding to calls and emails, now it’s common for recruiters to have candidates stop returning their calls, not reply to emails, and even not show up for scheduled interviews with clients. ...
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Stop Candidates Ghosting You

You may not be able to tell, but I was a pretty anxious kid. It didn't take much to creep me out. Particularly ghosts. I was soooo convinced that the Boogeyman lived in my closet. He was intent on tearing me limb-from-limb. So I didn't dare close my ...
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