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Achieving Greater Levels of Energy, Engagement, Productivity, and Joy

Are you exhausted and struggling to stay focused? Are you wondering how you'll ever become more productive, influential … and successful? Well, so did Janet – until she discovered the key principles and proven methods that made all the difference. ...
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57 Easy Ways to Be Happier and More Successful

I've already posted most of the advice below but scattered among five or six posts. I thought it would be useful to collect all of my happiness and success rules in a single place. Enjoy! 1. Assume people have good intentions. Since you can't read minds, ...
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Can Being Disciplined Make You Happy?

Can being disciplined make you happy? This is an interesting question that most people don’t think about. At least, they don’t think about it in the way that I’m going to talk about it here. Most people think that if they are disciplined with their ...
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