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Your Performance Appraisal: Is Your EI Working?

If ever there's a time to work your emotional intelligence, it’s when you have your performance appraisal. After all, when was the last time you said to a friend or your partner, "Gee, I can't wait until tomorrow — I have my performance appraisal." For ...
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Have You Unlocked Your Fullest Potential?

Of the 15 competencies of the emotional intelligence assessment, self-actualization is paramount to unlocking your fullest potential. Many leaders that I coach score medium to low in the category of self-improvement. Below are the most common failings that ...
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Emotional Intelligence is Overrated

Not long ago, the CEO of a sales company mentioned that he was spending millions of dollars to train his employees in emotional intelligence. He asked if it was possible to assess emotional intelligence during the interview process, which would allow him to ...
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