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“You’ve Got to Stay Calm:” A Q&A on Crisis Management with Former DDI President Bob Rogers

When everything goes wrong, whether it’s an internal situation or a national or global tragedy, employees look to their leaders for guidance. This has never been truer than the current pandemic, which has stopped much of the world in its tracks. Empl...
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From Fit to Fitness: A New Executive Mindset for Performance

Just before you step into an executive role, the focus is often on fit: Am I the right fit for the job? Is the job/company the right fit for me? The problem with "fit" is that it only matters at the start of the job. In today's rapidly changing business ...
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Fail Forward

For six years, the mid-level product line manager had been on a roll. Under his leadership, unit performance was up, under-performing products had turned around, and his team was highly engaged and producing big results. Upper-level executives were enchanted ...
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