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The Bar Has Been Raised: The Best Customer Experience I’ve Ever Had

I was working at LinkedIn/Lynda.com's offices last week in Santa Barbara, California shooting a course for them on creating lifelong, loyal customers. My colleague, the esteemed author, and consultant Roberta Matuson happened to be in town at the same ...
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Seeing through the Eyes of Your Customer

Having just finished my new book about Mercedes-Benz and given that I recently spent time with Mercedes-Benz dealers at their annual conference in Las Vegas, I took the liberty of modifying a popular children’s logic puzzle by inserting a Mercedes-Benz E ...
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Buttoning Up on Service

I adore buttons. I like their smallness and their mystery. I like how they do so much for so little. Once Upon a Time, a pearl-white button on a shirt decided he wanted to see the world, so he pulled and stretched, until ping! He was free. This made the ...
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