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The Art of Actually Achieving

“If you want to lose weight, just eat in front of a mirror naked.” —Author unknown Like me, you may find this quote to be humorous, but do you think that goal setting is a bunch of baloney? Have you tried setting goals in the past but found that ...
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Unlimiting Your Beliefs: The Key to Greater Personal and Professional Success

She's competed in one of the toughest races in the world – and finished! Karen Brown has combined her experience as an IRONMAN World Championship competitor with subject-matter expertise in the field of leadership and professional performance and scienti...
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Being a Solar CEO: What it’s Taught Me About Workplace Energy

As a solar company CEO, I've learned many unexpected lessons about a form of energy seemingly different yet related to solar energy – energy in the workplace. I know how to manage people's electricity usage within the walls of their homes, helping them ...
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