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The Leader’s Megaphone

It's no secret that leaders are being challenged in ways that are very different... at the vortex and velocity of socio-economic pressures for change and a continuing COVID impact. As one CEO shared, "It's the perfect storm and it's not going away. I'm ...
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Navigating Uncertainty with Confidence to Act Now

The future will offer a plethora of different opportunities and options. Some will be worthy of a company’s time… others will not. Organizations led by executives who can figure out which is which, faster, and then pivot will thrive. Without an A+ ...
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Winning Now: Clearing Foggy Windows

We spoke with a number of CEOs and Directors about balancing the cadences to achieve outcomes now while strategically adapting given today’s lack of clarity... what we call, the foggy window. Smart CEOs make intentional investments in the development of ...
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