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To Cope with Labor Shortage, Raise Emotional Compensation

The current labor shortage and employee retention are concerning issues for organizations. Many leaders are scrambling to attract and retain the workers they need. A combination of factors has resulted in an insufficient number of workers to meet available ...
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Beliefs: Hold on to the Good Ones and Ditch the Rest

I was going to write about getting results. It made perfectly good sense being that most of us are business people and looking for results, right? We build teams, create strategies, set goals, hire talent, bring in coaches and consultants, create strategic ...
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How to Deal With Colleagues in Denial

When was the last time a colleague said something so ridiculous that it made your jaw drop? A four-year study by LeadershipIQ.com found that 23% of CEOs were fired for denying reality, meaning refusing to recognize negative facts about his or her organizat...
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