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Stronger Through Adversity

2020 took a wrecking ball to the best laid plans of leaders and businesses. In this exclusive ExecuNet Master Class session, customer experience consultant and New York Times #1 bestselling author, Joseph Michelli, Ph.D. offers insights in resilience from ...
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4 Leadership Lessons to Emerge Stronger Through Adversity

COVID-19 has been the great leadership equalizer. It has unmasked imposters and revealed dormant leadership strengths. During the pandemic, many leaders stewarded their businesses through unrelenting challenges and unchartered territory. They approached ...
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Your Comeback Toolkit

I’m sure there are times when your best-laid plans don’t pan out. You may seem to be going along just fine, when suddenly—wham! — A setback sends you veering off course. Your forward movement comes to a grinding halt and your motivation plummets. At ...
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