Stop Juggling, Overcome Procrastination and Get More Done in Less Time in Business, Leadership and Life

Michelle Prince

Michelle Prince

Are you busy? Of course you are! Who isn’t these days! But are you busy being busy and getting little done? If you find yourself overwhelmed by your schedule and responsibilities, be assured that you don’t have to live that way any longer. In this presentation, productivity coach and Zig Ziglar motivational speaker Michelle Prince shares powerful tips and techniques to make you more productive in your personal and professional life. She will show you the way to get more done in less time while still enjoying the journey. Put down those juggling balls and walk with Michelle to overcome procrastination and take action now!

This is the ultimate productivity secrets webinar, where you will learn:

  • The #1 Secret to Overcome Being B.U.S.Y.
  • How to Find More Time in Your Schedule
  • 4 Steps to Stop Procrastinating For Good
  • Strategies for Attacking Your Nemesis – The ‘To Do’ List
  • How to Avoid Productivity Pitfalls
  • How to Evaluate Your Productivity
  • Get More Done in Less Time in Business, Leadership and Life


Michelle Prince is a best-selling author, Zig Ziglar motivational speaker, business owner of multiple companies, wife of 17 years and mother of two young boys. Michelle Prince had to learn the art of juggling her personal and professional life successfully. Most people are juggling too many things, procrastinating and not getting as much done as they want, which leads to a life of frustration and unfulfilled goals. Michelle is passionate about helping people live with purpose, follow their passion and take action in big ways.

Michelle’s passion ignited at the tender age of 18 when she met her mentor, Zig Ziglar. She completely embraced personal development and goal setting techniques helping her to realize her BIG goal of working for Zig Ziglar in 1994. Since that time, Michelle has journeyed through the ups and downs of life all the while holding on to her passion of inspiring, motivating and encouraging others to be the best that they can be.

Michelle has learned the secret to living a happier, more abundant life and she’s on a mission to show you and your organization how to stop juggling, overcome procrastination and get more done in your business, leadership and life! It’s time for “America’s Productivity Coach” to give you the tools to STOP being busy being busy!

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