How to Stop Being Derailed By Your Emotions

woman-which-face-mask-to-wearWhat the world doesn’t see is the dynamic whirlwind of beneath the surface. Just as the world doesn’t see the dynamics underneath our own surface. Sometimes they come and go as simple sensations like waves on a shore. Sometimes the undercurrents seem rougher. Yet our emotions aren’t meant to hamstring or derail us.

They are sophisticated mechanisms designed to help us deal quickly and automatically with threats and opportunities that may be present in our environment. They work in tandem with your past experiences to let us KNOW when there is an issue that needs to be dealt with that’s KEY to our survival. Nowadays while survival isn’t at stake, but our emotions are still fully operational. Many times, our emotions are simply sensations that don’t require analysis. Other times, especially if an emotion is chronic, it’s triggering deep, unresolved issues.

So the next time you’re caught up in a whirlwind of anger, frustration, fear or hurt. Get curious and honest with yourself:

  • What’s this REALLY about?
  • What about this event is triggering these emotions?
  • How sure am I that I didn’t misread the situation?
  • Who or what am I blaming and therefore not taking responsibility for?
  • What am I making this event mean? How real is that meaning?
  • What’s the lesson?

Here’s the thing: your emotions, while they sometimes may seem to get in your way, they’re actually your body’s way of conspiring to help you! The problem is that we aren’t taught how to understand, much less use them correctly. Because in actuality, emotions are there to tell us something about ourselves that need to be resolved. Because once resolved, they won’t hold power or sway of us. Isn’t that good to know?

Jade Goodhue

Jade Goodhue

Jade Goodhue has served in the United States Marine Corp as a company commander, a logistics officer, and a black belt martial arts instructor, as well as completed two combat tours to Iraq. In 2008, she earned her Six Sigma green belt while running Battalion-level Logistics in Iraq. After transitioning from the Marine Corps, she gained a myriad of financial sector experience. She worked her way up from a trader to the director of operations at a financial trading and education firm. During that time, she specialized in trading psychology. She now coaches on leadership development, as well as changing, developing, and sustaining an organizational culture. Jade holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a Minor in Japanese from the United States Naval Academy. She is also earning her Master of Liberal Arts in Organizational Psychology from Harvard Extension School.

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