Stocking Stuffers Designed to Make Anyone Better

books-stocking-stuffer-2018There were some amazing books published recently by members of the ExecuNet community that you must get – for yourself, your colleagues, your boss. Anyone in a position of leadership would benefit from reading any of these books right away. Go get ‘em! They’d make fantastic stocking stuffers and could make all the difference in the career and life of someone you care about.

Wisdom@Work: The Making of a Modern Elder

By Chip Conley, Bestselling Author and Hospitality Entrepreneur

books-wisdom-at-workIn a world that venerates the new, bright, and shiny, many of us are left feeling invisible, undervalued, and threatened by the “digital natives.” But Conley argues that experience is on the brink of a comeback. Companies are finally waking up to the value of the humility, emotional intelligence, and wisdom that comes with age. While digital skills might have only the shelf life of the latest fad or gadget, the human skills that mid-career workers possess, like good judgment, specialized knowledge, and the ability to collaborate and coach never expire. Wisdom@Work ignites an urgent conversation about ageism in the workplace, calling on us to treat age as we would other types of diversity. Whether you’ve been forced to make a mid-career change, are choosing to work past retirement age, or are struggling to keep up with the rising Millennials, Wisdom@Work will help you write your next chapter.

Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation

By Dan Schawbel, Research Director at Future Workplace and Founder of Millennial Branding and

books-back-to-humanBack to Human explains how a more socially connected workforce creates greater fulfillment, productivity, and engagement while preventing burnout and turnover. The next generation of leaders must create a workplace where teammates feel genuinely connected, engaged, and empowered, without relying on technology. Based on Schawbel’s exclusive research studies – featuring the perspectives of over 2,000 managers and employees across different age groups – Back to Human reveals why virtual communication, though vital and useful, actually contributes to a stronger sense of isolation at work than ever before. Schawbel shares exercises, examples, and activities that readers can work on individually or as a team, which will help them increase personal productivity, be more collaborative, and become more fulfilled at work.

Recruit Rockstars: The 10 Step Playbook to Find the Winners and Ignite Your Business

By Jeff Hyman, Executive Recruiter, Entrepreneur and Business School Professor

books-recruiter-rockstarsTop-tier executive recruiter Jeff Hyman reveals his 10-step method for landing the very best talent, based on data instead of gut feel. From sourcing and interviewing to closing and onboarding, you’ll learn how to attract winners like a magnet and avoid the mistakes that result in bad hires. Assembling a team of driven and innovative Rockstars is the most powerful competitive advantage you can have in today’s ever-changing business world. Recruit Rockstars will help you nail your numbers, impress your investors, and crush your competitors.

Leading With Emotional Courage

By Peter Bregman, Leadership Development and Organizational Change Thought Leader

books-emotional-courageLeading with Emotional Courage coaches you to build your emotional courage, exercise it effectively, and create an environment in which people around you take accountability to get hard things done. Each easy to read chapter provides real-world practices for building your emotional courage muscle, giving you grounded advice for handling difficult situations while building your leadership presence. This incredibly practical book guides you in speaking up when others remain silent, maintaining your ground in the face of uncertainty, responding productively to opposition without getting distracted, and dealing with others’ anger without shutting down or getting defensive. It will transform your capability to act powerfully and courageously in your life, in your work, and in the world.

Alive at Work: The Neuroscience of Helping Your People Love What They Do

By Daniel Cable, Ranked Among the top 25 Most Influential Management Scholars in the World

books-alive-at-workSocial psychologist and renowned professor Dan Cable takes leaders into the minds of workers and reveals the surprising secret to restoring their zest for work. Disengagement isn’t a motivational problem, it’s a biological one. Humans aren’t built for routine and repetition. We’re designed to crave exploration, experimentation, and learning. Filled with fascinating stories from Cable’s extensive research, Alive at Work is the inspirational guide that you need to tap into the passion, creativity, and purpose fizzing beneath the surface of every person who falls under your leadership.

Happy Holidays!

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson is ExecuNet's president and chief economist. An Arjay Miller Scholar, Mark received his MBA from Stanford University and a BA in economics from Yale University. He joined ExecuNet in 1993, with extensive marketing and new product and business development experience, having served as president and founder of A&M Associates, an investment management firm. Mark's corporate leadership experience includes several senior marketing and financial positions with RCA Global Communications (a GE subsidiary) and American Can Company.

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