Sneak Peek at Sustainability in the Workplace Online Course

If you wish to continue enjoying the things you enjoy, you’d better be on-board with sustainability. “We’re living in a world where we have a lot of people and we’re at the edges of available resources that we have on the planet,” said Dano Weisbord Executive Director of Sustainability and Campus Planning at Smith College. Dano has focused his professional life on aligning sustainability to business models across sectors. His approach uniquely integrates long-term strategic planning and sustainable stewardship of built and natural resources. Dano helped to make Smith College home of the fifth fully certified living building and to achieve its 20% real food goal in 2017.

Dano spoke with ExecuNet Master Class Host Tony Vlahos about the importance of sustainability, how it’s important to businesses, and his upcoming course at Smith College. Listen to what he had to say, and check out the course… your business and the planet will be better off if you do!

  • 00:58 Why sustainability is so important today
  • 01:39 Sustainability at Smith College
  • 02:32 How sustainability can tie into revenue
  • 04:11 Barriers to creating sustainability
  • 05:25 Where does the burden for making sustainability happen lie?
  • 06:13 Themes this course will talk about

William Flamme

William Flamme

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