Sir Ken Robinson Cultivating Creativity

Ken Robinson WBF 2014One of the world’s foremost thinkers on creativity and innovation, Sir Ken Robinson has worked with education systems around the world, Fortune 500 companies, and some of the world’s leading cultural organizations. Sir Ken believes the current educational system is not effectively equipping students for success in the modern world. He wants us to rethink outdated assumptions about intelligence and innovation to initiate a creative revolution that releases the full potential of people and organizations.

Sir Ken argued that human culture has always been driven by its relationship with technology. Fire, the wheel, the jet engine, the printing press, television – human innovation have been expressed and facilitated by our tools and technology. But he believes “digital technology is moving us up another step in the evolutionary ladder. We’re connected in a way we never were before. These devices effect how we think, what we think about, the work we do, what we think about and how we feel about each other. We’re developing a different relationship with technology, and the prospects are entirely unpredictable.” Robinson believes that one never knows where our relationship with technology will take us and that because of technology we are living in revolutionary times.

Executives struggle with creating a culture that can handle the rate of change we are experiencing. They also find allowing for systematic creativity within their employees that is necessary for business success to be a major obstacle. He said humans are biologically evolving at a similar rate as other animals, but culturally we are light years ahead. Robinson said, “We create the word in which we live. We live in world of ideas, values, feelings, theories, philosophies, cultural systems. We don’t live in the world directly; we live in a virtual world of our creation. That’s true be it a national community, a local community or a company. A culture is about what’s allowable and what’s not.”

What stimulates a culture and what can hold it back are:

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William Flamme

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