Market Intelligence

ExecuNet’s market intelligence reporting as become a workplace essential, delivering timely career and recruiting insight and ahead-of-the-curve trend analysis that enables business executives, talent leaders, recruiters and industry insiders remain “in the know”.

Recruiter Confidence Index:

We’re happy to report that our exclusive Recruiter Confidence Index has moved sharply to high level over the last 12 months. Now over 67% of recruiters are confident that the executive job market will be strong over the next 6 months (See chart to right). As important, the number of recruiters not confident is at all- time lows, suggesting that demand for executive talent is strong across most industries. There are few pockets of weakness.

Recruiter Confidence Index
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Job Creation Index:

Recruiters also report that over 40% of companies are looking to add new executive jobs over the next 6 months and ExecuNet’s exclusive Executive Job Creation Index is at all-time highs. This is a far cry from 12 months ago at the depths of the pandemic. (See chart to right)

Job Creation Index
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