About Recruiting Solutions at ExecuNet

Recruiting Solutions at ExecuNet was developed exclusively for Executive and Corporate Recruiters for their searches at the VP, C-Suite and CEO level. We are the leader in delivering introductions to top senior-level executives you don’t want to miss.

ExecuNet is a private network of top executive talent and decision makers representing every Fortune 500 company and thousands of other great companies.

Recruiting Solutions provides you instant access to these business leaders to:

  • Help you find “hidden gems” for your senior-level executive searches—directly or confidentially through our exclusive network;
  • Showcase your thought leadership to attract potential clients;
  • Stay informed of the latest market trends and best practices.

We have over 500,000 active senior-level executives in our network and our referral network is even broader.

The power of Recruiting Solutions is:

  • the extensive reach of our exclusive network and
  • our unique approach to “private sourcing” for you a short-list of qualified and interested candidates within 3 weeks of receiving a search from you.

Private Sourcing & Candidate Research

You can post jobs directly with ExecuNet but you’ll find that the power of ExecuNet is with its unique approach to private sourcing and candidate research. You can choose between two levels of service:

  • We help to increase candidate response for you by outreaching to qualified candidates and by sending those candidates to you
  • We confidentially or openly target qualified candidates in our network with your key “must-have requirements” and pre-screen responses so you get from 2-10 qualified and interested candidates. We take care of the candidate questions and responses. You select who you want to speak to and we introduce you to them.

The net result is that you’ll be able to:

  • Close your searches faster,
  • Lower your research and recruiting costs,
  • Build your pipeline of qualified candidates and top executives quickly, and
  • Fill your open leadership positions at over $150K fast…

All from one reliable recruiting resource – ExecuNet.

Many recruiters gain comfort in the knowledge that by using ExecuNet they have thrown out “a broad net” for qualified candidates and therefore won’t miss anyone.

We’ve listened to you over the years and have learned that having the right knowledge and knowing the right executives in our network does in fact make our members lives better but also recruiters lives easier. It is a WIN-WIN for everyone.

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