About Recruiting Solutions at ExecuNet

Recruiting Solutions at ExecuNet was developed exclusively for Recruiters and is much more than just posting jobs. ExecuNet is made up of a private membership network of top executive talent and decision makers representing every Fortune 500 company and thousands of other great companies. Recruiting Solutions provides you instant access to these business leaders to identify, engage directly, and quickly find the right candidate to fill your open leadership roles efficiently and effectively. At the same time, keep informed of the latest key market trends and best practices. With Recruiting Solutions at ExecuNet, you always have the ability to customize each and every search, whether you would like us to partner with you to provide personalized assistance and help address your urgent and everyday recruiting needs, or you would prefer to fly solo and conduct/manage your search process independently – either way we are here to assist you in any way that is most beneficial for you.

The net result is that you’ll be able to close searches faster, lower your recruiting costs, build your pipeline of qualified candidates quickly, and fill your open leadership fast… all from one reliable recruiting resource — ExecuNet. These are just some of the ways we are improving and making the lives of recruiters easier in both search firms and corporations every day.

Today we’re known as The Center for Executive Careers and Leadership — Making Executives’ Lives Better and Making Recruiters’ Lives Easier. Through the years, we have connected hundreds and thousands of executives and recruiters and facilitated countless life-changing business relationships by providing the means, tools and insight needed.

The Recruiting Solutions Team at ExecuNet allows you to:

  • Instantly access a private, membership network exclusively for $100K+ executives
  • Make direct connections with active and passive candidates, key decision-makers and great referrals sources
  • Get a Personal Client Fulfillment Partner assigned and dedicated to your account who will help you find and connect with great candidates to boost your recruiting success and advance your business
  • Source talent faster within a targeted, manageable senior-level “executive-only” professional and social recruiting network
  • Get the inside track on market trends and best practices from industry experts and surveys of your peers and colleagues

We’ve listened to you over the years and have learned that having the right knowledge and knowing the right people does in fact Make Executives’ Lives Better, Make Recruiters’ Lives Easier — and improves the lives of people all around them every day.