Connect with Executive Leaders

The quality of your business and professional network is critical to your recruiting and talent management success. This is why we developed Recruiting Solutions at ExecuNet: to provide you with the opportunity to access, network and connect directly with our executive members as well as benefit from referrals they provide from within their own personal individual networks.

  • Proactively find candidates for your active searches
  • Network directly with executives
  • Receive passive candidate referrals
  • Prospect for new business
  • Open new doors
  • Gain an edge with helpful insights and industry trends

Customize your Search: Conduct and manage all activities yourself or we can assist with your search!

  • With our 3-2-1 SUCCESS and SUPER Search programs, we will generate and present you with a short-list of candidates who are not only interested in your role(s), but qualified and relevant for each of your particular searches.

ExecuNet’s search capabilities enable you to quickly and easily find potential candidates by one or more of the following fields:

Name / company (current, past, both) / location / zip code (within 25/50/100 miles) / last network activity / function / industry / title (current, past, both) / level (current, past, both current & past) / keywords / salary (range)