Remarkable People, Please Apply

5-star-ratingThe ancient Babylonians are said to have been the first people to make New Year’s resolutions, roughly 4,000 years ago. The Babylonian New Year was adopted by the ancient Romans, as was the tradition of resolutions.

It’s remarkable, isn’t it, that after thousands of years we can still see evidence of these and so many more ancient cultures in everything we do. By now you must have made your 2023 resolutions and have settled into what you need to make them happen. Have you given any thought to what decides who gets hired, who gets promoted, and who gets ahead?

In all cases, it’s remarkability

When it comes to careers, the person who achieves their goals is remarkable. Others can see the value they bring to the table and can articulate it. They want to work with people like that, to have them on their team, to be led by them, to make deals with them and have them as a part of their inner network.

These are not the people who have quietly quit.

They have not settled into thinking that having a good LinkedIn profile is sufficient. They certainly haven’t decided the turbulent macro state of our country’s economy is going to cause them to put their career into a state of hibernation.

The world will pass you by unless you remind it just how amazing you are, that you are remarkable, that you matter, and that you can make a needle-moving difference.

The people who know this, well, these are the people you’re pounding the “internet pavement” every day searching for, the ones you have countless phone calls and emails building your network so you can find.

With hiring now 11.8% below pre-COVID levels, the job market is shrinking. The employment landscape is changing as job openings decline and organizations are freezing positions and laying off workers.

The candidates you bring to your clients must know how to talk about what they’ve done as more than a list of accomplishments that have led to career advancement. They must know how to look instead for the value those accomplishments have produced and speak to the value they can produce next. That is their Value Story, and it’s what makes them remarkable.

Candidates who have the ability to articulate their Value Story are what we call ExecuNet Certified. Some examples of these great candidates who we helped recently are:

  • A VP/Sr strategic sales leader in the medical device space who was surprised to be laid-off and wanted an accelerated search.
  • A C-level executive who wanted to change industries and knew he needed personal marketing to open doors and sales to get the deal done but didn’t have a job search strategy.
  • A former client who landed a good position as a CTO and is now interested in pursuing possible board seats.

If you’d like some help finding candidates who can articulate their Value Story, reach out to me!

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson is ExecuNet's president and chief economist. An Arjay Miller Scholar, Mark received his MBA from Stanford University and a BA in economics from Yale University. He joined ExecuNet in 1993, with extensive marketing and new product and business development experience, having served as president and founder of A&M Associates, an investment management firm. Mark's corporate leadership experience includes several senior marketing and financial positions with RCA Global Communications (a GE subsidiary) and American Can Company.

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