Recruiting, Hiring and Leading During the Corona Crisis: A Conversation with Jeff Hyman

Jeff Hyman, author of Recruiting Rockstars and an executive recruiter, joined ExecuNet’s Tony Vlahos to talk about hiring and leading during the corona crisis.

According to Jeff, it’s really a tale of extremes. Some sectors are at a complete standstill, while others are doing very well. Jeff advised that there are certain sectors that do well in times of change and times of financial stress. During these times people focus on the basics: food, clothing, shelter, property, health care, legal, security, accounting, car and home repair (instead of buying new) will be some areas that have a good outlook right now. He anticipates new growth in online education, online medicine, and home entertainment.

“There is always opportunity. Hiring will continue. It will always continue. But we have to shift as individuals. It’s not the time to look to make a cross country move or industry move,” said Jeff. “It’s not the time employers are going to be willing to take a lot of risks.”

Working from home presents many challenges for leaders. What Jeff has found is that worries if people would be working enough are unnecessary. It’s actually the opposite concern: If you’ve hired good people, they tend to work too much. With the virus negativity on the news and social isolation, that can lead to significant mental and emotional stress. Jeff advises over-communication and actually going against your established ways of leadership to be a “war-time” leader.

Listen to him explain:

  •  (01:00) The state of executive hiring right now
  • (02:15)  Where will there be opportunity?
  • (05:20) Employers won’t be taking risks
  • (06:45) Video interviewing
  • (07:57) Working from home
  • (10:16) Social isolation
  • (12:39) “War-time” leadership

William Flamme

William Flamme

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