Raise the Cybersecurity Curtain

cybersecurity-quotes-2021-ludmila-morozova-bussWith a clear grasp of systems theory and revelation of pervasive, persistent, and resilient interconnectedness, I set out on the journey to interact with 100 “best of the best” Cybersecurity/Information Security professionals to learn about their own EXPERIENCES and gain INSIGHTS from their personal perspectives.

I was truly blessed to have had a wide variety of insightful conversations with leaders who are serving their organizations at various levels.

I sincerely wanted to expand the impact of the lessons I learned from these interactions by sharing them with Cybersecurity enthusiasts around the globe — people who are paving their own way towards a successful Cybersecurity career.

I hope readers will gain insights into how they can guide their career path to the success they desire and benefit the global security community through their unique contributions.

Global thought leaders for cybersecurity awareness scale-up thinking and strategy for a safer digital world.

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Ludmila Morozova-Buss

Ludmila Morozova-Buss

Like most people, Ludmila's resume is something less than a straight line. In fact it resembles a long country road with many turns, which in this case, is a good thing, as it includes 20+ years of professional experience in a number of different cultures in Europe, Asia, and the Unites States of America. Equipped with an MS in Mathematics, her personal life philosophy and career shifted after two pivotal events, obtaining a Certification in "Banking and Financial Management” at the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank, Washington, DC and her first trip to the United States of America in 1996. Sitting in the front row of her life or taking a train in the opposite direction, Ludmila lets U-turns, contrasts and detours bring her thoughts into perspective. As a world traveler the East, West and South influenced and shaped her character and her beliefs along with her professional and human qualities. As the World’s news shaker for Europe for centuries, Germany now is the center of attention again. Which is why Ludmila steps into the stream of the news – believing that the facts speak the most precisely and the most convincingly. Her promise is for us all to get to know these facts from her first-hand perspective across Germany.

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