Putting an End to No-Shows/Ghosting


This is a must-read for anyone responsible for hiring great talent!

Things have changed, and the way you view and interact with candidates needs to change too. Candidates feel that recruiters only care about filling jobs, not about what job is right for them. If you want to be effective as a recruiter you need to care about matching the candidate with the right job… you’ve got to care about the candidates.

Lean in and listen as recruiter trainer Barb Bruno explains how you can put an end to ghosting and how to simply be a really good recruiter in today’s job market. She’s trained thousands of recruiters and knows what works!

There’s no one more aware of what’s happening in the hiring world than internationally renowned recruiter trainer Barbara Bruno. As part of our Recruiter Summit series she shared the¬†top trends and challenges facing recruiters and talent acquisition professionals¬†right now. Here’s a look at the trends portion of her presentation. Be sure to pay extra close attention to trend number four. Barb says what she does about this trend will “change your life.”

Barbara Bruno

Barbara Bruno

Barbara Bruno, author of HIGH-TECH HIGH-TOUCH RECRUITING: How To Attract And Retain The Best Talent By Improving The Candidate Experience, is an internationally recognized recruiting expert who has a proven track record of helping recruiters and talent acquisition professionals become more successful and less stressed. She has created several popular LinkedIn Learning courses and is president of Good As Gold Training, HR Search, Inc., and Happy Candidates.

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