Predictions By Cybersecurity Leaders

cybersecurity-predictions-cover-2021-ludmila-morozova-bussOperational space of digital (r)evolution requires an instantaneous reaction. Seeking knowledge has brought me far beyond my personal horizons of discernment. With hope to create and scale globally an inclusive “authors-publisher-readers” circle of wisdom and expertise; with channeled determination to gain understanding by carefully selecting the best information sources (Dis moi où cherche! Mais où?) and reading between the lines, I invited the Cyber Warriors “Men and Women on the Arena” with hope to “Raise the Cybersecurity Curtain.”

A central topic of these thoughts is cybersecurity. A fundamental and delicate question at the heart of my work is: how to inspire readers’ thirst for knowledge, for learning. I advocate a Systems Thinking approach in informing our readers, followers, friends, business associates on digital transformation, emerging technologies and cybersecurity. Systems thinking forever changed the way I think about the world and approach issues. Imagine an open immeasurable non-linear system — the Cyber Space, where cyber threats and cybersecurity are two of many (to be defined) elements of this system… to be continued.

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Ludmila Morozova-Buss

Ludmila Morozova-Buss

Like most people, Ludmila's resume is something less than a straight line. In fact it resembles a long country road with many turns, which in this case, is a good thing, as it includes 20+ years of professional experience in a number of different cultures in Europe, Asia, and the Unites States of America. Equipped with an MS in Mathematics, her personal life philosophy and career shifted after two pivotal events, obtaining a Certification in "Banking and Financial Management” at the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank, Washington, DC and her first trip to the United States of America in 1996. Sitting in the front row of her life or taking a train in the opposite direction, Ludmila lets U-turns, contrasts and detours bring her thoughts into perspective. As a world traveler the East, West and South influenced and shaped her character and her beliefs along with her professional and human qualities. As the World’s news shaker for Europe for centuries, Germany now is the center of attention again. Which is why Ludmila steps into the stream of the news – believing that the facts speak the most precisely and the most convincingly. Her promise is for us all to get to know these facts from her first-hand perspective across Germany.

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