Power Presenting Core Skills for Delivering Business Presentations with Impact

Business-presenter-Leslie KawaiDeliver presentations with impact – even under the most challenging and pressure-filled business situations.

Stumbling over words. Drawing a blank on names. Fumbling with notes and equipment. It’s no wonder an estimated 75 percent of us dread public speaking.

In this Master Class presentation, Leslie Kawai shares three core skills that will immediately improve your business presentations, and the brain science behind why they work. Leslie will discuss:

  1. What to do when presentation anxiety strikes
  2. Strategies for delivering a presentation with confidence, polish and professionalism
  3. Messaging skills that will make your presentations “stick” and help your audience more quickly process and retain what you are telling them
  4. Nonverbal codes and how to use them so that your “executive presence” is felt and your message is heard

With this Master Class, you will:

  • Build your confidence as a presenter
  • Feel empowered to use your new skills immediately
  • Know that your improved presentation skills will help build your career

Here is what some attendees of the live event had to say:

“Great tips for reducing the anxiety…and encouragement to try at least one new skill today.”

“Although the focus was on presenting to a large group, much of her advice can be used in job interviews, particularly web-based ones.”

“I LOVED the video clip. It ‘added humanity’ and liveliness to the presentation, and made it memorable, too!”

This Master Class is for CEOs and other executives who want to build confidence and credibility with their audiences and deliver presentations that get results.


Leslie Kawai

Leslie Kawai

Leslie Kawai is an adjunct professor and the assistant director of the Management Communication (MCom) program in the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University.

In addition to teaching the core MCom course, Leslie develops curricula for professional communication and trains and evaluates new instructors. Leslie also does freelance executive-performance and management consulting with executive clients including American Express, Klickn, and Brigham Young University.

She is an expert in cognitive behavior and its role in creating multimedia, written, and oral communication that facilitates change.

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