How to Be Positive in Challenging Times

With the constant stream of news about the coronavirus outbreak, it’s natural to worry about  your wellbeing and safety, the people you lead and the ones you love.  There’s fear, a sense of helplessness and certainly a lot to think about:

Will the economy collapse? Is my job safe? Will my business thrive again when the virus has run its course? If I’m an investor in a company that’s suddenly in a serious downturn, how do I stay positive…

In such an unpredictable and frightening time, how do we stay positive, remain purposeful and productive, and not let anxiety get the best of us?

To help address these questions ExecuNet Master Class Host Tony Vlahos spoke with Emiliya Zhivotovskaya, CEO and Founder of The Flourishing Center. She is a leading voice in the world of positive psychology and the science of flourishing, and is a widely sought-after speaker, educator, facilitator, and coach.

Here’s a time stamp breakdown of their talk:

  • (01:15) The importance of being able to feel your emotions during these stressful times
  • (04:50) Staying informed with the right amount of concern
  • (07:28) When the stress is too much and you need help
  • (10:34) Caring for the body during these stressful times

Did you know there is a science to resilience and human flourishing? Perhaps you’re considering a career change where you want to help individuals and organizations thrive, or you just want the training to support yourself and the people you serve. Check out The Flourishing Center’s Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology program.


William Flamme

William Flamme

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